Connect better, communicate powerfully

Communication is how things get done.

And when communication’s not working, progress stalls: meetings don’t go anywhere, coalitions are paralyzed by indecision, messages fall flat, media relations don’t deliver results. We partner with nonprofits, foundations, and coalitions to overcome the obstacles and use the power of communication to do more good.

Partnership is in our DNA.

Not just internally, but also in how we work with nonprofits and foundations. We don’t swoop in to solve problems for you or make pronouncements from on high. Instead, we offer tools, processes, and experience to help you understand the challenges, and we work with you to find solutions that meet your specific needs.

Clarity is the foundation of how we work.

It’s simple. You can’t solve a problem until you understand it, and you can’t chart a course until you know the destination. Before we even think about how to get there, we’ll help you get clear on what you want and what’s standing in your way.

Problems are irresistible challenges.

We like finding solutions for problems, answers to questions, and ways to meet needs. We’re enthusiastic evangelists of “awesome,” and we want to be a part of helping your nonprofit or foundation get awesome at communication. Let’s solve problems together.