On the Same Page

"In the middle of a legislative session, advocates don’t have time to waste. Springboard Partners understands policy, politics, and advocacy. So Springboard delivers recommendations advocates can run with right out of the gate, as well as longer-term strategies they can use to build their impact over time."

— Elizabeth Krause, Connecticut Health Foundation


Defending healthcare

Connecticut’s Medicaid Strategy Group is a task force of healthcare providers and advocates dedicated to preserving and improving Medicaid and the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (“HUSKY B”). Connecticut Medicaid delivers quality, cost-effective care, but with a gaping budget deficit, lawmakers might still feel fiscal pressure to make Medicaid cuts.

The Connecticut Health Foundation, a Medicaid Strategy Group member, asked Springboard Partners to bring partners together to develop a strategy they could use to coordinate their Medicaid defense work. The short legislative session had already begun, so time was of the essence. And with about one-fifth of Connecticut’s population counting on Medicaid for healthcare, the plan needed to be good, as well as fast.

Before, I felt we all had to do everything and do it immediately. Now, I feel like we have a better picture of what’s most important, how best to time the work and who is taking on the different pieces.

— Jane McNichol, Medicaid Strategy Group Co-Chair

Efficient and effective coordination

We worked quickly with the Foundation and the group’s co-chairs to field a web survey of Medicaid Strategy Group member organizations, exploring goals, priorities, challenges and opportunities. That enabled us to spend less time during our planning meeting on brainstorming and more on the critical decisions that shaped our Medicaid defense strategy. We took the group’s strategic decisions and turned them into a gameplan that advocates could use to begin coordinating their work during the legislative session.

A manageable challenge

Our partnership with the Connecticut Health Foundation helped the Medicaid Strategy Group to manage the challenges of coalition advocacy under the time pressures of an active legislative session, yielding:

  • Shared objectives to align advocates and focus their work
  • A snapshot of the coalition’s strengths and areas to increase capacity
  • Agreement on priority audiences and specific “asks” for each audience
  • Messages tailored to each audience and ask
  • Concrete tactical guidance to facilitate implementation of the plan


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