The science of effective communication

"Springboard Partners helped us define our audiences, explore what motivates them to act, and develop clear, jargon-free messages that resonate."

— Aurora Alifano, Project Director, FishWise


FishWise was founded on the idea that better information plays an important role in making industries like seafood more sustainable. The organization builds partnerships with leading seafood suppliers like Sea Delight and household names like Albertsons Co. to develop and implement sustainability commitments, and its guidance now encompasses a wider range of issues, including labor and human rights for workers in the seafood industry.

The FishWise team wouldn’t blink at the idea of reading a complicated scientific analysis or analyzing a corporation’s global supply chain. But “as a consultancy working at the intersection of business and science, we traditionally don’t spend much time on developing messaging,” says Aurora Alifano, who directs FishWise’s industry engagement efforts on human and labor rights. With phone calls, in-person meetings, on-the-fly-conversations, and presentations and interviews important elements of their day-to-day work, FishWise decided to up their communication game.

Hands-on help

We designed a customized communication training workshop for the FishWise team. Emails to each participant in advance helped them to focus on the specific elements of their own work that required persuasive messages, as well as concrete opportunities to deliver those messages. The message development training offered not only how-to content, but also examples demonstrating the persuasive power of audience-tailored messages. To help the FishWise team apply their new skills to real-world communication opportunities, we paired the message workshop with sessions on best practices for media interviews and presentations.

Persuasive power

FishWise staff left the workshop better able to connect with the audiences whose engagement matters for their work. Key outcomes included:

  • Participants came away better able to define their target audiences and build jargon-free messages that persuade audiences to act
  • Practical application workshops gave participants immediate opportunities to use new skills
  • Group exercises doubled as team-building opportunities

“After this workshop,” says Aurora, “I’ve found opportunities to consider – and reconsider – our messages in many aspects of my work.”


How can Springboard Partners help you?

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