Turning Research into Action

"When we work with Springboard, it feels like we have a member of our team dedicated to helping us be awesome. Our ideas become sharper, our resources become more effective, and ultimately our movement has more impact as a result."

— Michelle Lambert, Move to End Violence


A world free of violence against women

Move to End Violence is a 10-year initiative of the NoVo Foundation designed to strengthen the movement working to end violence against girls and women in the United States. One part of their work is funding research to expand the movement’s understanding of what captures attention and motivates action on issues related to violence against girls and women. MEV GuideAfter two in-depth rounds of research, Move to End Violence had learned a lot about what works to inspire action – but translating hundreds of pages of research results into practical tools for the movement was a big challenge.

Practical tools

Springboard created a guide that paired critical findings from the research with powerful yet pragmatic recommendations for putting these findings into practice immediately. The guide includes advice on using statistics, overcoming barriers, and making asks clear and doable. A companion blog post offered concrete suggestions for gaining a deeper understanding of local audiences’ needs.

We designed a webinar to share the research results and the guide with the movement, and to explain the recommendations using real-world examples. Movement leaders told stories about using the recommendations in their own work. We also worked with Move to End Violence Director Jackie Payne to create an interactive training workshop based on the guide that she could deliver at regional conferences.

More action

More than 200 people attended the webinar and the first training workshop. And the guide has been downloaded by leaders throughout the country. Organizations working every day to educate people about violence against women and girls and encourage them to take action have some new tools in their toolbox to help them have more impact.

How can Springboard Partners help you?

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