Danielle Lewis


Danielle Lewis’ career in communication was foreshadowed when she surprised her parents by learning to talk at 10 months.

She hasn’t stopped since then, but as a grown-up she’s channeled her chattiness into helping her clients get clear on communication. As one client said, “Sometimes when you talk to people, it’s like opening a can of worms, but talking with Danielle is always like shoving the worms back in the can.”

Danielle is a rare specimen who started her career as a consultant and is still consulting nearly 15 years later. The constantly changing cast of characters, issues, and projects keeps her highly entertained. At McKinney & Associates, Danielle learned the ropes of media relations while working on issues that fired her up, from affirmative action to housing discrimination. After being shouted at by one too many reporters, she joined Spitfire Strategies, where she led communication planning and message trainings for nonprofits worldwide and developed the firm’s approach to branding.

In 2013, Danielle founded her independent consulting practice which grew to become Springboard Partners. Much of her practice focuses on providing strategic counsel and communication support to the folks she fondly refers to as “fish people” — the foundations and conservation organizations that are making sustainable seafood the norm in North America and around the world. Danielle designs and facilitates meetings that lead to clear agreements and action plans, and that serve as an important outlet for her inner bossiness. She develops tools and trainings to increase the communication savvy of people working to end violence against girls and women and keep America healthy. And she helps organizations large and small pinpoint who they are, what they do, and why it matters, and figure out how to connect with the audiences that are important to their work.

When she’s not jumping out of burning airplanes racking up frequent flyer points, you’ll find Danielle at home in Washington, D.C., either on her yoga mat, hanging out with Small and Tiny (the cutest niece and nephew ever), or sampling the best the D.C. dining scene has to offer.



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