What we do

We believe in the power of communication to create change. It’s what creates understanding, gets people to care, and inspires them to work for a better future. And when communication isn’t working, progress stalls: meetings don’t go anywhere, coalitions are paralyzed by indecision, messages fall flat, media outreach doesn’t deliver results.

Our services include nearly everything foundations and nonprofits need to communicate powerfully – from the fundamentals of helping organizations strengthen their own brands and develop communication plans to meeting essential communication needs like holding more productive meetings and improving media relations. 


Powerful communication starts with clarity on who you are, what you do, and why your work matters. We’ve helped small local service providers and global research organizations refine their brands to fire up their teams and their audiences.


Every organization needs to be able to talk about itself and its work, and every campaign or initiative needs to motivate others to act. We craft compelling and succinct messages about who you are, what you do, and why your work matters. And we build messages that connect with the people who matter to your work, persuade them to move beyond likely obstacles, and inspire them to take action.


Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling that you’re spinning your wheels. We work with nonprofits and foundations to identify audience needs and barriers to action, as well as opportunities for and challenges to progress. Informed by that research, we create smart communication and campaign strategies with clear objectives, well-defined audiences, persuasive messages, tactics you have the resources to implement, and benchmarks for tracking progress.


Nobody’s perfect, but an objective assessment can help. We can evaluate all aspects of an organization’s communication operation, including staffing, systems, activities, and alignment with the organization’s priorities and programs. If it ain’t broke, we won’t try to fix it. But if we see opportunities for improvement, you’ll get specific and practical recommendations.


Sometimes, what’s holding a foundation or nonprofit back is that there just isn’t enough people power, or that the task at hand requires specialized skills. We can help you to create compelling materials, presentations, and websites, plan events that are about more than just attendance numbers, and take your message to the media.


When knowledge is the barrier, we can help to move your team forward with trainings designed to meet your specific needs. We offer interactive and engaging workshops on communication planning, message development, media relations, and advocacy, among other topics. Let us help you build your organization’s communication know-how.


Meetings can be extremely satisfying or supremely frustrating. We’ve facilitated productive small-group meetings and helped coalitions with dozens of partners make decisions with the buy-in required for progress outside the meeting room. Every meeting is different, and we’ll help you define your objectives, craft an agenda designed to achieve them, and steer the conversation in the room toward your desired results.