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Your Core Message

Does your answer to the question “So what does your organization do?” begin with “Um …”?

Do you have 10 people on your team and 11 answers to that question?

Do you have to schedule a 15-minute Zoom call to deliver your answer?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes, you need a core message – a clear, concise, compelling, and consistent way to talk about what you do and why it matters.

The core message is a straightforward tool that helps align your team around answers to big questions:

  1.  What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?
  2. What’s your organization’s unique response to that problem?
  3. What’s the payoff?

We’ve used the Springboard Partners core message with dozens of nonprofits and foundations. It’s helped them prepare for everything from legislative testimony to partner presentations and media outreach.

Now we’re making it available to everyone.

Get your team aligned and your audiences engaged, by using our new brief to build your core message.  Just enter your name, organization, and email, and we’ll email you a link you can use to download the brief. Let’s get started!