Nonprofits and foundations work every day to create a better world. But it can feel impossible to get clear, get coordinated, get attention, and get people to take action.

Effective communication overcomes the obstacles to progress. It creates connection within your organization or network, inspires action instead of indecision, and accelerates change – from local communities to the halls of Congress.

We help nonprofits and foundations get clear on who they are and what they need, get on the same page, and connect with audiences that matter.


Better meetings by design

Meetings don’t have to waste time or stall progress. The free Strategic Facilitation Meeting Planning Guide offers practical advice on how to design and facilitate meetings that help deliver on your goals.
Coolest person I’ve taken a picture with: Michelle Obama
Valuable life skill I can teach you: How to evacuate a burning airplane with your laptop

Best compliment I've gotten: being called "a good writer" by a Pulitzer prize winner

Bringing leaders together to protect children

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Ending violence against women and girls

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