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Getting the Full Story

News on a laptop screen

We all scan the news on a daily basis, but there’s great value in looking at long-term coverage of your organization and the issues that matter. That’s where media scans can help. They’re an effective way to drill down into how news outlets talk about your organization, and they reveal how outlets talk about peers in the field or topics that could affect the work you do and the people you serve.

We created Getting the Full Story to break down what nonprofits can gain from doing a media scan and how they can complete one.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What a media scan is
  • How your nonprofit can benefit from doing a media scan
  • How to design and complete a media scan, including suggested research questions and tips on evaluating an article

We hope you’ll use this guide to strengthen your nonprofit’s media relations strategy. If we can give you a hand with your work, let us know!