Communication — a matter of life and death

As this Washington Post column details, the Trump administration used communication as a weapon against immigrant families. Now, only effective communication can repair the damage and rebuild trust.

Getting the Full Story

5 great reasons every nonprofit should complete a media scan, and 5 practical tips to get it done.

A House Divided — Will Nonprofits be Ready?

The political landscape is changing — again — creating both opportunities and challenges for advocacy nonprofits. Our Ed Walz and veteran advocate Lacey McNary offer an idea to help nonprofits prepare for divided government.

A Practical Guide to Better Meetings

by Danielle Lewis We all have a meeting horror story. Be it the hour-long block that could’ve been an email or the day-long retreat where nothing was accomplished. Sometimes it’s hard to recall a truly productive meeting. Here at Springboard Partners, we’re committed to making the most of meetings. We partner with foundations and nonprofits, and we know how critical …